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Identity Maestro 4.0.3 is now available!

Identity Maestro 4.0.3 is now available!

Introducing Identity Maestro
Enhanced ability to Create and Manage Office 365 users and mailboxes
New Azure Active Directory License Profile Manager utility
New Resources folder with additional templates for Custom Tasks and Create Form to extend Identity Maestro capabilities
New Integrated Microsoft LAPS management
A new and simplified installer
About the author

Version 4.0.3 represents a milestone for the Identity Maestro team. The first thing you will have noticed is that ServiceControl now has a new name: Identity Maestro. Our new look and brand reflect how our platform simplifies Identity Management and Orchestration for you and your organization, providing additional capabilities and empowering your organization to improve identity agility for your customers and end users.

Identity Maestro is the direct result of customers helping us understand how their Identity Orchestration and Management have changed, how they continue, and how they need to manage new cloud, on-premises and hybrid solutions.

Identity Maestro and new Workflow processes allow you to carry out numerous complex identity processes, across hybrid systems, and bring them together to create a harmonious identity melody, amplifying our message of simplifying the complexity of traditional Identity Management. Our platform enables you to become an Identity Maestro – someone who can orchestrate complete control across hybrid systems and directory services through a single platform.

During our 11 years in the identity management space, we have helped clients become stewards of change as their needs grew increasingly complex. Managing multi-tenant, multi-domain environments has become a requirement, highlighting a need for true Identity Orchestration – powered by workflow. More of our clients are embracing cloud-based directory services and systems. It became clear to our customers and to us that it takes an Identity Management Maestro to manage hybrid systems. Identity Maestro allows you to become that Maestro!

Our team has never been this excited about a release before. Our development team keeps on delivering our promise to continue to innovate and is proud to introduce Identity Maestro 4.0.3. You will find the highlights of the latest update below.

Enhanced ability to Create and Manage Office 365 users and mailboxes.

  • With a single click you can enable a user mailbox, un-license or change the Azure license profile associated with an O365 user, allowing for streamlined user provisioning and deprovisioning.
  • Use automation with our customizable create forms that use advanced workflow scripts which improve security and response times with reduced keying errors.
  • Support for Hybrid AzureAD and on-premises AD installations
  • Support for disconnected synchronization between Azure AD and on-premises AD. Includes one-way synchronization on Create

New! Azure Active Directory License Profile Manager utility.

  • Configure license profiles (templates) that define which Office 365 applications and services to enable for a user based on their job role and requirements.
  • Create and Manage Azure license profiles (templates) without a requirement for Azure AD Premium.
  • Added ability to select the desired Azure license profile in the Create form.
  • Able to manage multiple Azure license SKUs from multiple Office 365 subscriptions.
  • Reduce the guesswork for helpdesk tasks by assigning more representational names to Azure license profiles to better match job roles.

New! Resources folder with additional default templates for Custom Tasks and Create Form to extend Identity Maestro capabilities.

  • “Details” custom tasks.
    • Enable to expose details like last login, date created, etc for users, contacts, groups and computer objects.
    • Facilitate improved on the spot incident response and auditing.
  • “Export” custom tasks.
    • Permit to export lists of groups, contacts or computer objects into CSV files.
    • Allow for quicker analysis and reporting.
  • Copies of new manage tasks for Office 365 users.
  • New create form templates for both AD users and AD + Office 365 users.
    • Provide additional fields.
    • Include the license profile selection option for Office 365 users and mailboxes.
  • New Manage LAPS custom task (see next section)

New! Integrated Microsoft LAPS management.

  • Added new web tool for Microsoft LAPS management that offers improved accountability and security for local administrator password resets.
  • The Manage LAPS custom task provides access to local administrator passwords of MS Windows™ computer objects when Microsoft LAPS is implemented in an Active Directory domain.
    • No longer need to run the MMC or LAPS utility.
  • Retrieve a one-time password for administrator access, all logged for complete security auditing. For more details on this enhancement, please see How to access local computer administrator passwords from a browser using “Manage LAPS”.

A new and simplified installer.

  • Downloadable ZIP file now available for improved experience. It includes:
    • Identity Maestro server installer
    • Prerequisite support files for connections to Azure AD and Office 365
    • PDF documentation
  • Administrators, get started without help! Our Success Team will always remain available if needed.

Whether you’re upgrading Identity Maestro, planning major changes to your current identity management implementation or thinking about migrating to Azure, our Success Team is always available to help. Reach out to our team for more information or for assistance in making the best of your Identity Maestro experience.

Please subscribe, follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter, or contact our Success Team to learn how to best leverage these new capabilities. We will be adding more functionalities in our next release designed to help our clients and their Microsoft Managed Service Providers leverage Azure and cloud-based services technology, speeding Digital Transformation.

For more information, view our on-demand webinar on How to Build your Cloud MSP around Simplified Identity Orchestration and Management.

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