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5 trends to help guide your MSP’s 2018 New Year’s Resolutions

5 trends to help guide your MSP’s 2018 New Year’s Resolutions

The beginning of a new year – the best time to figure out which New Year’s resolutions will help you execute on your MSP’s success!

What resolutions can you take as an MSP to increase your market share and profitability in 2018?

Read this article if you are interested in learning the five industry trends and 2018 resolutions that can help your MSP practice:

Following are the top trends we identified in 2017 that we expect to continue in 2018: View infographic

Cloud Computing drives Digital Transformation

Driving customer digital transformation is key to MSP success. Cloud is where it all starts. It allows organizations to benefit from new computing platforms without the initial capital outlay. Cloud delivers higher performance, increased scalability, and greater flexibility.

Through 2017, many organizations began to leave behind their legacy server hardware strategies and move to cloud applications and strategies to achieve faster business and digital transformation. Culturally, we understand that an organization may be slow to move to a new computing environment, but once you assist them in getting there, they will continue to look to you to help them fully leverage their cloud investment.

By migrating to a cloud-based datacenter, or Software as a Service (SaaS) model, user adoption will be easier thanks to increasing support for universal apps, thin clients, and secure web portal-based interfaces providing end users with the flexibility they require. This decreases end-user and administrator learning curves and fits well into existing security and access management control systems.

Many identity management systems offer support for cloud SaaS offerings that enables seamless transformation and user provisioning. What Identity Maestro does best is allow MSPs and customers to deliver the leading Hybrid Identity Orchestration and Management solution – across multiple customer environments – from a single portal application.

Identity Maestro gives MSPs and customers the best of both worlds – their cloud and on-premises investments. We know that, for the foreseeable future, on-premises applications will continue to be required. Identity Maestro helps you save on infrastructure, hardware, and allows your IT teams to worry less about uptime, giving your staff a feeling of starting off lighter this new year.

For MSPs, moving their clients to cloud computing is not a new concept. With Identity Maestro, MSPs can share in the benefits of feeling lighter too by requiring less support for increasing numbers of customers and by meeting their clients’ satisfaction requirements and digital transformation goals.

Migration from Private to Public Cloud Infrastructure

With increased trust in public cloud infrastructure, many MSPs and their clients have strategically migrated away from more expensive dedicated hosting centers. This was a difficult transition for many industries as, historically, ensuring compliance and data privacy was perceived as more difficult in the cloud.

Leading services like Microsoft Azure, Amazon and others have overcome the identified security barriers. They meet industry regulatory boards’ compliance, security, risk, and regional data residency requirements. HIPAA, GDPR, SOX, SEC and other compliance regulations can now be satisfied with cloud solutions.

However, to maintain this compliance, many organizations still require identity solutions that allow them to trust private datacenters and operate in hybrid environments. This is the leading opportunity for MSPs in 2018. MSPs can indeed overlay their identity provisioning, management, and audit services by filling compliance and security gaps. Being able to offer these services and ensure the integrity of multiple customers’ hybrid environments from a single solution is where Identity Maestro shines.

Identity Maestro allows MSPs to provide secure access controls without reducing user productivity. Moving to a public cloud infrastructure is especially advantageous for companies with a variable user demand. This allows businesses to adjust their spending based on consumption and service use rather than full licence purchases. This utility model is a strong trend in 2018.

A savvy MSP will help its clients invest in their IDMaaS offering and realize the savings and efficiencies provided by their digital transformation. Finding your sweet spot is to work with customers willing to redirect a portion of their savings to pay for your IDMaaS service, which, in turn, allows them to spend less overall, meet their regulatory obligations, gain peace of mind, and be positioned to thrive in the future.

Increasing Demand for Secure IT Infrastructure and Security as a Service

Managed Security as a Service was a hot topic in 2017. Many MSPs invested in tools and processes to expand their abilities to manage network anomalies and mitigate network intrusions. Many created processes to alleviate insider threat and, as a result, also prepared for new privacy regulations.

One of our 2017 blog articles discusses how MSPs can help customers get ready for GDPR by May 2018. Security is no longer an afterthought. It needs to be at the forefront of all projects and should be a recurring thread across all MSP offerings.

Many ITSM applications include security monitoring tools, inventory, and patch management. Integrating also a platform like identity Maestro into those solutions provides a cohesive answer to increasing insider threats, user errors, and constant attacks on even the smallest companies. By adding IDMaaS to its offering, your MSP can stay ahead of the competition and, more importantly, help your clients stay ahead of their competition.

Increased consolidation of IT tools and Business Automation

Over 2017, we saw many organizations consolidate their IT tools and invest in business automation to improve processes and reduce the number of resources required to manage changes. With an increasing reliance on SaaS, organizations can now focus on what they do best and make the most out of the tools they use.

The reliance on network connections for SaaS systems is now mission-critical. Network monitoring and access management require simplification. By automating mundane tasks like help desk password resets and access requests to company systems, MSPs have a greater opportunity to spend time on value-added services and provide technology and trusted leadership for their customers.

Platforms like Identity Maestro implement workflow automation for provisioning and de-provisioning users. Incorporating workflow and business flow approvals ensures that control and authority remain in the hands of the customer. Automatic or manual approval processes involving your clients’ management teams and application owners guarantees that authority for account creation and access can be granted with impunity. This allows MSPs to focus on uptime and security monitoring tasks to prevent network outages from occurring.

MSPs can differentiate themselves against their competition by offering unique tools and providing higher-quality services through automated Identity Management. As lower-skilled tasks become automated, your highly-skilled team members have more time to focus on business priorities, LoB deliverables and improved greater customer service.

Growing competition by Telcos and independent software vendors (ISVs)

Managed Services Providers were once IT Services companies, meeting local market needs. Today MSPs need to modernize their offering and billing from traditional “Break-Fix” to an “As a Service” model. This has proved to be a profitable line of business and is growing in demand, so it is no surprise that other players are interested in entering this industry.

Traditional Telecom Providers used to serve as the backbone for an MSP’s business. Many of these Telcos are now starting to leverage their existing scale and IT expertise to expand beyond voice and data services. Many have introduced helpdesk, Office 365, and hosted line of business applications offerings to all levels of customers. Many Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are also developing service-based units to increase their revenues through a hybrid Cloud Service Provider (CSP/MSP) model.

These new challengers are commoditizing traditional support and user maintenance activities, leaving MSPs in need of innovative offers to remain competitive.

To mitigate these trends, MSPs must change the way they do business. They have to reinvent their relationship with their clients. By creating value through offering services matched to industry trends, MSPs can ensure that their clients will retain a competitive advantage, and not be swayed by the competition.

MSPs can no longer limit their offering to traditional helpdesk services. They are now compelled to grow into providing Identity Management as a Service (IDMaaS) to industry standards, regulations, and trends. Examples of these trends include Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM), Identity Theft Monitoring, and Business Intelligence through CRM/Identity Analytics.

IDMaaS includes components of all of these services. Each MSP can offer tailored IDMaaS to its clients by bundling these services differently based on their core customers’ needs. If you want to increase your MSP offering’s worth to your customers and therefore help them get better value from their technology and process investments, IDMaaS is a competitive advantage for you and your clients.

In summary

2018 is ahead of us, and we want to help you make the most of it! The five trends identified a number of options for MSPs like yours to build your future.

This sounds like a list of new year resolutions, doesn’t it?

  1. Facilitate digital transformation by moving to cloud SaaS“lose weight”
  2. Support a migration to a public cloud / private cloud hybrid environment“spend less”
  3. Consolidate your tools and automate business processes“stay fit”
  4. Differentiate your MSPs practice to effectively compete against commodity players – “save more”
  5. Meet the security and compliance needs of your clients’ IT infrastructures – “enjoy life to the fullest”

About Identity Maestro

Identity Maestro* overcomes the complexity of providing Identity Orchestration and Management (IOM), role-based access control and delegated administration across multiple Cloud-based services and on-premises environments. Identity Maestro helps satisfy long-term hybrid identity and user access life-cycle needs across your mission-critical systems. MSPs/CSPs rely on Identity Maestro to leverage Cloud Identity Orchestration as a Service for your customers. It empowers HR, non-IT staff, and Line-of-Business teams to automate and standardize workflow-enabled Identity Orchestration and business processes. Identity Maestro enhances compliance across all business units through its rich Identity Orchestration, audit trail and enhanced security

Contact us to schedule a session to review how Identity Maestro can help you get your 2018 resolutions in motion.

*Identity Maestro, powered by ServiceControl, is built on providing leadership in Identity Management and Access Control since 2003.

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